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Because of this, getting close to others isn't something simple for you.

You might not feel like you have a loud voice after you have been forced to feel so small and insignificant your whole life.

When you have lived in a chaotic world of emotional abuse, you can never truly trust in anything.

Instead, you might always be afraid of something bad happening or someone betraying you.

Living with a toxic person who abuses you can cause you to have many different emotions at the same time.

You might notice that you sometimes forget entire conversations or events because you simply spaced out.

If you have grown up in fear, you might be used to being yelled at, so that loud noises remind you of abuse.

Understanding where another person is coming from, or getting to know yourself better, can make all the difference.These can include alcohol, stealing, hard drugs, gambling, eating excessively, etc. Even the smallest sign of trouble, you will feel overwhelmed.Your entire life you sat back and watched a person treat you terribly, with anger and fury. Some abused children tend to abuse themselves later in life as they feel like they deserve it.If you have ever been a victim of abuse, you may doubt yourself every single time, even when you know you are right.Due to this, you might find yourself asking a million questions when the answers are obvious.

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Committing to people is more difficult when you have been abused.

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